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Cost-Effective Ways To Add Philanthropy Into Your Small Business

Eric Samek

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Incorporating philanthropy into your business can give your company a competitive edge that separates you apart from your competitors. Additionally, consumers and even prospective employees tend to favor brands who take interest in doing some good in the world.

For smaller businesses or startups, it can seem infeasible when compared to industry leaders who donate tens of thousands of dollars a year. However, your small business can still give back without giving away all of your hard-earned dollars. Below you will find five cost-effective ways that your small business can incorporate philanthropy as a core part of your brand.

Donate Goods or Services

Rather than donating a sum of money to an organization, donate goods or a service that your company provides. For example, a social media business can help nonprofits optimize their websites or help increase their overall online presence. Donating a good or service gives a more personable touch than donating money.

Give Your Time

Your time can be more valuable than any dollar amount. Interacting with non-profit organizations allows you to become more active within your community. While donating money is great, you don’t always get to see where that money goes. By giving your time, you can see the direct impact you have on a non-profit.

Encourage Employees to Engage

Incorporating philanthropy into your business has shown to drive employee engagement. Initiate an employee run-committee to coordinate opportunities to volunteer opportunities. Making philanthropy a part of everyone’s can help the entire company create an impact even with limited resources.

Partner With a Local Organization

When businesses partner with local nonprofits, they are able to create a larger network of connections within the area. Not only does volunteering for a local nonprofit help your build relationships within your team, but with the community who can then support your business in return.

Find Something Everyone Wants To Be Apart Of

The philanthropy your business decides to take part in should be a cause that you and all of your employees believe in. Find an organization that aligns with your companies values as well as your coworkers. With your entire team on board supporting one cause, it can make a huge difference that can exceed any monetary donation.

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